Bissel Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner

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In addition to simpler Steam Mops, Bissell has in its collections another kind of floor steam cleaner: Bissel Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner.

Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner is a practical and convenient innovation for cleaning hard floors. It can be used on hard floors like tile, marble, stone and sealed hardwood floors.
If you have this device, it is not necessary to first vacuum and then mop your floors. Instead, you can save some time and energy, by using the sweep and mop mode, and it will pick up dirt and steam clean the floors in one step. However, if it has been a while since you last cleaned the floors, it might still be better to first use a vacuum cleaner or a broom. And if you want to sanitize the floor, you should keep it 15 seconds in the spot that you want sanitized.

Steam cleaners can be very efficient in cleaning dirty floors, more so than conventional mops. They can deal well even with hardened and persistent dirt. One of  the benefits of using a steam cleaner when cleaning your floors is that the floor will dry in no time. It is also great that you do not need to use any chemicals when  cleaning your floors. Many people might also like the fact that in this product there is no dirty water reservoir to be emptied. The water tank lasts about 15  minutes of steaming, before you need to refill it. The product has a 360 degree swiveling head which makes it more easy to clean even the places that are less  easily accessed.

Using the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner is not difficult but you should, nevertheless, take care while doing the cleaning, because the steam is hot and might burn your skin. This is why children should not use the cleaner.

Bissell Steam Mop

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Bissell Steam Mop

Below is a Review of Bissell Steam Mop

bissell steam cleanerbissell steam mop padsbissell steam mopbissell cleaner

Bissell steam mop is great because you use no chemicals or expensive cleaning products. Cleans ceramic tiles and even bamboo flooring.  Its good because the water dries very quickly on the floors, and does not leaves streaks across it.  The new microfiber pads are easy to use and more durable than the older terry pads.

The improvements that some would like to see with this Bissell Steam Mop is a longer handle. If you are tall, say 5ft 9″+, you may find you need to hunch yourself over your mop.  Even the cord could be longer and you may want to fit an extension cord if you are cleaning a couple of rooms.

Also laminate flooring can take longer to dry and some have said that it does leave streaks sometimes.

If you want your flooring to be very thoroughly cleaned then I’m afraid it will be a case of getting down on your knees and doing a lot of scrubbing.  If, however, like the majority of busy people who want a clean house as quickly as possible then a bissell steam cleaner or The Shark cleaner are ideal. If you are looking for a lighter clean then get the Shark as the Bissell is about 8lbs heavier but still very easy to push around.

However, having read the reviews many have said that the bissell dries quickly and, on the whole, they are happy with their bissell steam cleaner, if you want to read more reviews before making up your mind, click Bissell Steam Mop today.

However, apart from these minor gripes, it really cleans everywhere spotlessly and will get rid of even dried on grime.

Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum

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Bissell Vacuum

There are several highly acclaimed vacuums within the Bissell collection and they have gained a reputable standing with several of its users, leaving them completely impressed with the results it’s bought them.

There is such a wide selection however it can be narrowed down to premium or basic. Plenty of extra accessories or hardly any at all. Vacuums with bags and vacuums without. Upright or stick vacuums. Large and versatile or handy and small. No matter what you want or what you are in need of, Bissell has it and will cater for your every cleaning need.

Here are just a sneak preview of a couple of the top of the range Bissell products out there:

This cleaner has been designed to cater for not the lazy cleaner but for those who maybe do not want to or cannot put as much time and effort into their cleaning as others can. Therefore this is exactly what you need in order to keep your carpet pristine and looking like you have only bought it yesterday!

Here are just a few of the features that the fantastically simple Easy Vac will bring to you:

• Weighs less than 10lbs!
• 800w Bagless Vacuum with cyclonic action
• Rotating 2 row Power Brush improves dirt pickup
• Front Carry Handle
• Ergonomic Loop Handle with cord hook
• Foot operated On/Off Power Switch and detent lever
• Easy Empty Dirt Cup for easy dirt disposal
• Large easy to Maneuver Wheels.

So for the power cleaners out there that put the ‘oomph’ into cleaning, then the PowerForce Bagless is a match made in heaven for you. The Bagless Technology provides you with a high suction vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning – plus the added benefit of no bags that need to be bought.

• 4 Stages of Filtration including HEPA and Charcoal Filter ~ captures dust & micro particles and eradicates smells

• Bare Floor Cleaning Mode

• Scuff Resistant Bumper with Edge to Edge Cleaning

• 13” WideTrak Cleaning Path for quicker cleaning
• All surface cleaning with 7 height adjustments
• Easy Empty™ clear dirt container
• Flexible reinforced stretch hose – great for above floor cleaning
• 30’ Power Cord with easy release mechanism


If you are interested in the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner, please read this article.

Bissell Steam Cleaner

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bissell steam cleanerbissell steam mop padsbissell steam mopbissell cleaner

Bissell Steam Cleaner

Below is a Review of Bissell Steam Cleaner

Welcome to Bissell Steam Cleaner Website.  You will find a variety of suppliers and manufacturers on this site who will give you the best prices on the Bissell for your money, so take a look, you may pick up a great deal.

The Bissell Steam Cleaner is an excellent mop.  It cleans tiles, tubs, floors, freshens carpet,vinyl, marble, granite, and wooden floors without ruining them. All you have to do is fill up the water reservoir, turn it on, and wait for the red light to turn on in about a minute and start mopping.

The Bissell Steam Mop is one of the best mops ever and needs no cleaners as the steam sanitizes your floor. Isn’t it time you made your life and housecleaning much easier and more effortless? All this is possible with the Bissell Steam Cleaner.

With the Bissell Cleaner you can replace your old mops, brooms and vacuums.

Product Features of the Bissell

  • Upright electric mop cleans
    hard-floor surfaces using steam only
  • Provides an all-natural
    deep clean without chemicals, fumes, or
  • 360-degree swivel mop head cleans
    hard-to-reach places
  • Includes two washable and
    reusable microfiber mop pads, an internal water filter and
    quick-release cord wrap
  • Measures 6 by 11 by 45-1/4
    inches; 1-year limited warranty

Remember the Bissell Steam Mop is ideal for family use.  Those with small children, or who have allergies, you will no longer need to use harsh and expensive cleaners.  No more fumes and harsh chemicals to pollute your home.  Even people who have pets will benefit.

So if you want your home environment to become an all natural chemical free home, clean and sanitized you may want to check out the Bissell SteamCleaner.

You can read a review of Bissell Steam Mop here.

Bissell 1867

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Bissell 1867

Below is Review of Bissell 1867 Steam Mop

Bissell 1867 steam mop bare floor steam cleaner is great for all of those who love to give a thorough clean to their home and actually puts the fun into cleaning! With the product features topping any other floor mop out there at the moment, the Bissell 1867 bares all as its steam-mop is free of chemicals leaving your floors completely clean and sanitized.

The Bissell 1867 provides action for those who don’t like waiting, the Bissell mop has a 30 seconds start up time so that you can be up and cleaning in no time at all! As Bissell also know that you hate reaching those corners and unseen spots, they have created this high-tech mop in order to fit your every need with its low-profile pivoting head, ergonomic handle and steam trigger to make cleaning as comfortable as possible.

But are you worrying whether this fantastic Bissell cleaner will work on your floor? Well the mop accommodates to marble, laminate, linoleum, sealed hardwood, stone and ceramic making it one of the most flexible mops around! It also has a light and compact design meaning you can swivel it around the floor in style and elegance!

So not only do you not have to use any detergents or chemicals whilst cleaning but this model in the Bissell range is powered by a tank of tap water meaning that it is eco friendly and shoots out steam to your desired spot as soon as your pull the handle trigger and give the command to clean! The wipe at the end of the mop is removable and to my surprise machine washable! Meaning you do not have to repeatedly buy new wipes every time the other one gets dirty or has had its day meaning more convenience for you. The slim, compact set up of
this product makes it great for reaching under those cabinets and shelves where dust is more then likely to build up with complete ease. Also the steam technology means that your floor
will dry swiftly so no warnings to fellow family members to ‘watch out for the slippery surface!’


Doesn’t this Bissell 1867 steam mop bare floor steam cleaner seem like it was designed especially for our every household need? Well with the one-year warranty included, extra mop cover and built-in carrying handle as well as a ready indicator light when you purchase this product… what more could you want in a mop?

Bissell 1867 Features

  • Steam-mop for chemical-free
    cleaning of bare floors
  • Ready to clean in 30
  • Low-profile pivoting head,
    ergonomic handle, and steam trigger
  • Safe on marble, ceramic,
    stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and sealed
  • 7-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 45-1/2
    inches; weighs 6.9 pounds

If you are interested into looking further into Bissell visit – Bissell 1867 today!

Bissell Pro Heat

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Bissell pro heat

Below is a Review of Bissell ProHeat Cleaner

It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about cleaning or if you view it as a chore, as soon as you lay eyes on the Bissell Pro Heat, you will see that it is something different. Not only will you see the difference within its unique design as it has 2X Dual dirtlifter power brushes with 10 cleaning rows, but you will notice it when you pass the cleaner over the carpet. Most cleaners simply remove dirt, but Bissell goes one step further and make sure your carpet and upholstery gets the thorough clean it deserves and results will be seen immediately.

So you can customise your clean as the Bissell pro heat contains the following settings for you to play around with: heavy, normal, light or rinse… so the choice is yours! On top of this, another one of its efficient features is the Surround suction with edge to edge cleaning: Power switch. This means that it will pick up all of the dirt and grime that not even the eye can see.

Not to forget the user, the Bissell Proheat has been made simple and easy to handle with the Easy carry handle: 3 Litre Tank-in-tank for clean/dirty water to make sure you don’t have to struggle when emptying the contents.

Its great if you have pets so you don’t forever having to be crawling on your hands and knees scrubbing those tough, muddy stains but now you can eliminate them with ease, style and
confidence that what you are doing is going to leave your carpet looking brand new.

Also another positive of the built in heater is that its not just there to sound or look good but it keeps the solution from cooling down meaning you can leave it on and be cleaning for
hours yet it will still be as effective from the moment you started. On top of this, you can still use it with ease when you attach the hose which is great for stairs, the inside of cars and unreachable areas.

bissell 1200b

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Bissell 1200b

Below is a Review of Bissell 1200b – The Spotbot!

The SpotBot is perfection’ some people say, others say ‘Very easy to use, does an excellent cleaning job’ and the majority say ‘performs as promised; what a time saver!’.

You may be wondering by now, is it possible for the Bissell 1200b Spotbot hands-free steam cleaner to get a bad review? You just fill it up. Press the button and go! Now how’s that for convenience? Especially on those busy days when you are running around, picking the kids up from school, preparing dinner and other various household chores, you do not want to spend hours on cleaning the floor, this is when your 1200b comes in handy.

So no need to fear because the Bissell steam cleaner is here. This modern piece of technology takes your stain worries away as it cleans up new, old, large or small carpet stains that seem impossible to get rid of, well not anymore! Bissell has made it all possible as the unique spiral brushing action compensates for 400 cleaning revolutions and all of those sprays that you have brought in the past which have failed to effectively vanish those stains! No matter how tough the stain is, red wine, coke, coffee, orange juice and pet stains can be gone forever as it is banished under the powerful cleaning bristles of this compact cleaning machine.

You will be amazed how little effort you have to put in to it as well! Before, you would have been down on your hands and knees, scrubbing that stain away as if there were no tomorrow and it would just fade slightly. But now you can leave the Bissell 1200b hands-free steam cleaner on a spot for five minutes, make yourself a cup of tea and revisit the stain and it’s gone! It does literally all of the work for you whilst you sit back and relax which is how it should be, if you ask me.

With the other product that comes along with the 1200b can be used to maximise the overall effect and leave your carpet looking brand spanking new which is the OxyGen ll which has been specially formulated in order to provide chemicals that combat those tough stains successfully.

So whatever plans you had on buying a new carpet, scrap them! As with the Bissell 1200b Spotbot hands-free steam cleaner you will have no need to worry as it takes all of your carpet troubles away.If you want to look further into the little wonder visit -bissell 1200b spotbot now, especially, as it’s reduced at the moment.

bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner

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Bissell 9500
Upright Steam Cleaner

Below is a Review of Bissell 9500 Upright Steam Cleaner

This page gives a few of the suppliers of the Bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner so you can get the best deal for your buck.

The actual trade name for this cleaner is the Bissell 9500 Proheat 2x cleanshot upright deep cleaner – quite a mouthful.  This is a revolutionary cleaning system and includes dual brushes and heating system for a powerful clean.

The bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner has a water heating and hot-air system so you can heavy-duty spot clean.  Another feature is that this deep cleaner comes with dual brushes
and 2-in-1 water tank.

The bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner has been given a 4-5 star rating.  The majority of people are very impressed with this cleaner.  One customer wrote that when she moved into her new house the carpets were left in a disgusting mess.  The carpets were quite light and she had children. As she was expecting her in-laws for a visit she thought she better do some cleaning of the carpets.  She actually wasn’t looking for a bissell but as the cleaner she wanted wasn’t in stock she then decided to purchase the bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner. She did a quick assembly of the hoover, which took her a few minutes, and says that her carpets look absolutely amazing.

This bissell cleaner has a separate tank for the cleaning solution unlike some cleaners where you have to mix the solution with water.  This is helpful, if you want to give your carpet a ‘water rinse’ to get extra soap out, if needed.  You also have the choice for heavily soiled carpets.  There are settings for ‘heavy traffic’, normal clean or light clean.

You may even think that the ‘clean shot’ feature is a marketing ploy.  However, customer feedback is that this is a very useful feature of the machine.  If you have a very stubborn stain in your carpet you just press your ‘clean shot’ button which squirts a spray of the pure cleaning solution for a second, then go back over your stain and it really helps to get rid of those stubborn carpet stains.

You know about those vacuums and steam cleaners where the bits of accessories fall off and if you have to keep picking them up?  Well that doesn’t happen with the bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner, everything is secured with very tough plastic and nothing falls off when your cleaning.

The Turbobrush is excellent for cleaning stairs.  You have a tool for wide stairs and a narrow tool for stair edges etc.  There is also the option of other tools such as the crevice tool, squeegees, medium brush tool etc.

There is also the ‘Dry Aire; features which blows out hot air to speed up the drying time on the carpets.

The Bissell 9500 is easy to use, even if you are a small person, the good thing it is not too heavy, always a bonus.

Overall the bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner is a durable, solid and impressive steam cleaner, so if this appeals to you go to – bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner - for more information.

Bissell Carpet Cleaners

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Bissell carpet cleaners

Is it time to finally replace the vacuum cleaner that collects dust underneath your stair case or in your cupboard? Maybe it doesn’t even work anymore! Either way, there is no better place to start looking then within the Bissell collection of Vacuum cleaners themselves. They are renowned for their high quality, innovative designs and reliability so you can be guaranteed that no matter what the offer, as long as it has come from Bissell manufacturers, you are in for a cleaning treat!

So here are a couple of great products within the range which come recommended from not only the professionals but from customers!


The Bissell Powerwash Powerbrush Vacuum Cleaner

This lean mean Bissell cleaning machine is a powerful and effective way to remove dirt from carpets, stairs, upholstery and hard floors. The Dirtlifter Powerbrush gets rid of tough stains and smoothly looks after your carpet for professional results. Its full-size cleaning means that it will get all of those out of reach dirty areas that could not be cleaned with just any ordinary vacuum cleaner. This means more ease for you!

The ‘ready tools’ dial enables you to change from floor cleaning to cleaning with accessories for areas that you may want to do yourself. Thus the Bissell powerwash gives you the freedom and flexibility to clean however you want to, which is rare in a cleaning product!

So here are some of the extra features that you will be investing in if you purchase a The Bissell Powerwash Powerbrush Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Features a foot-operated on/off switch, ergonomically
    designed ‘D’ handle grip
  • easy tank removal
  • 2-in-1 three litre clean/dirty water tank with built-in
    formula measuring cap
  • Extra-long 28 foot power cord and flexible,
    ready-to-use six foot stair and upholstery hose
  • The Powerwash Powerbrush includes a three inch tough
    stain brush, 2-in-1 crevice tool and hard floor tool as
    well as two 473 ml Fibre Cleanse Solution and two 236 ml
    Hard Floor Solution formulas.

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  • Bissell 1200b handheld steam cleaner works. The 1200b SpotBot is perfection’ some people say, others say ‘Very easy to use, does an excellent cleaning job’ and the majority say ‘performs as promised; what a time saver!

  • Bissell 1867 high-tech mop has the works. The Bissell 1867 steam mop comes with pivoting head, ergonomic handle and steam trigger to make cleaning as comfortable as possible find out more now.

  • Bissell 9500 upright steam cleaner is easy to use, cleans carpets thorough and has many features to spot clean, tools for wide and narrow cleaning and more. The Bissell 9500 simply works! Fantastic bissell upright.

  • Bissell carpet cleaners include the Bissell Powerwash Powerbrush Vacuum Cleaner, read the features – this Bissell Vacuum is extremely powerful to get your home clean fast.

  • Bissell ProHeat is the full-sized upright carpet cleaner that cleans well on both bare floors and carpets. With its built-in-water heater this bissell cleaner has received mainly positive reviews and feedback.

  • The Bissell steam cleaner is great, it works with ease and cleans like no other mop made. The pad on the end is a life saver and will not break your back. It is easy to put on and steam and sterilizes and cleans your floors squeaky clean. Check out this page today.

  • Bissell steam mop is great because you use no chemicals or expensive cleaning products.

    Cleans ceramic tiles and even bamboo flooring. Bissell steam mop great prices


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